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Simon Armitage

Simon Armitage on National Poetry Day


Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen

Traced in the Shadow at Ledbury Poetry Festival in July

Icebytes Café, 38 The Homend, Ledbury from 1st to 10th July

Photographer and Poet, Derek Adams has combined his two interests to produce a series of arresting black and white portraits of contemporary poets. The photographs, coupled with poems which explore aspects of photography written by the sitters form the basis of the exhibition
Traced in the Shadow: ways of looking at poets. Poets included are, Dannie Abse, Matthew Hollis, Allison McVety, Pascale Petit, Katrina Porteous, & Jo Shapcott, some of whom are appearing at the festival.

On Saturday July 2nd, I will be giving an introduction to the photos and answering questions about the exhibition from 3.15pm – 3.45pm at the Icebytes Café

Part of the Ledbury Poetry festival

Dannie Boyo

Last Sunday I visited the Welsh poet Dannie Abse, at his home in North London to photograph him for my Traced in the Shadows project.

He was delightful. Amazingly lively for his 87 years, he put up with being photographed for nearly an hour with great humour.

Afterwards he showed me a series of photographs of himself taken over the last 70 years.

As I was packing away my equipment I noticed a copy of the latest Acumen on his desk and knowing we both had a poem in it, I couldn’t help myself mentioning it.

“Really” he said, thrusting it into my hands “show me your poem”.

As I flicked the pages trying to find the poem, Dannie said “there is a good review of my latest book in there, did you see it?”


He snatched the magazine back, with a wink “me first” and showed me the review.

“Now show me you poem” handing the book back, “I shall enjoy sitting and reading it, after you’ve gone”

Amsterdam, minus tulips.

I’ve been a bit lax on the blogging front, so have a bit of catching up to do.

Went away just before Easter to Amsterdam, Eurostar to Brussels, then onwards Intercity. Did touristy things , visited Anne Frank’s house,The Red Light District, The Van Gogh Museum, Two cemeteries & the Dutch Funeral Museum.
The cemeteries in Amsterdam have some great memorials, they don’t go in for the same granite/marble, all alike look that this country now insist on, there is lots of work by memorial artists in all sorts of media, glass, metal, stone, ceramic. Here is one from the Zorgvlied cemetery

Zorgvleid Cemetery

We stayed on a Dutch Barge ‘De Vrijheid‘ on the on the Prinsengracht canal which was great, run by a lovely couple Luc  & Laura, I recommend it highly.

French Leave

Well, what an exciting time I had in the South of France for the opening of my exhibition of photographs of poets, with their poems about photography at fondation A.N.P.Q.
Arriving on Wednesday at Perpignan airport, after running the gauntlet that is Stansted (Ryanair and security), Gallery owner Richard greeted us in the bar with cold beer before whisking us off to Peret, where his other half (with enough energy for one and a half) Gabby, was getting the gallery spic-and-span. The prints which I had sent ahead were framed and on the wall, and it all look great.
anpq exhibition _18062009_12

The next day a band of helpers arrived to get everything ready for the private view, great quantities of food were produced, and even greater quantities of wine shipped out into the garden, where a bar was being constructed and lights being hung.

Tanguy Flot et moi

Tanguy Flot et moi

Around 6pm Tanguy Flot, the other artist being exhibitited, arrived and shortly after the first guests arrived. about 200 people turned up through out the evening.

first guests arrive

first guests arrive

I stood around drinking wine and explaining about the photos & the poems & the poets. Thoroughly enjoying all the attention that both I and the photos were getting!
anpq exhibition private view_18062009_11
After wandering around the exhibition for a bit people gathered in the garden, drank wine and talked art! I met Geoff, a potter from Great Dunmow in Essex, and Tony, an artist who had illustrated a couple of books for the band ‘GRIMMS’ who had sparked my interest in poetry as a teenager.

dans le jardin

dans le jardin

Outside as it grew dark the garden took on a whole new aspect as Richard’s light show took over from the daylight. The private view came to an end, Tanguy had sold a couple of works, and people began to wander off or were chased off by Gabby. A few friends, artists and helpers settled down to drink wine until the early hours!

Next morning (slightly hungover) I was greeted by a jubilant Gabby “I just got an email, we’ve sold one of your photos.”
Most of the day was spent sitting quietly in the shade, as Gabby and Richard cleared up from the night before, offers of help being flung back at us. Then in the evening it was off to Lodeve to the opening of a Bonnard exhibition at the local Musee & to meet the director of the Lodeve poetry festival.

Saturday the village of Peret was having a music festival, and the Gallery garden was open to the public for one of the events.

Richard sings Dylan

Richard sings Dylan

Saturday 20 June – Saturday 25 July 2009
traced in the shadows
derek adams: ways of looking at poets, photography
tanguy flot, tableaux
Photographs of contemporary British poets contrast with images cut from fabric and built with layers of hand-worked clay. Two artists whose work reveals a shared perception of the essence of the image.

A.N.P.Q 4 Avenue Marcellin Albert, 34800, Péret, France