Derek Adams is a photographer,  poet,  poetry promoter and sometimes writer of short stories.

I have had three collections of poetry published:

Everyday Object, Chance Remarks

Everyday Objects, Chance Remarks Littoral Press, 2005, ISBN 09541844-7-5
60 pages, Perfect Bound.  £8.50 inc p&p

“This is writing that is entertaining, provocative, sometimes shocking, and often lurid as hell.”
Todd Swift, Poetry Editor Nth

“His What a Waste, dedicated to Ian Dury is brilliant”
Geoff Stevens, Purple Patch.

“…I like the economy and apparent ease with which he constructs these poems. There is a sureness and craft to them…
Overall, this is a satisfying collection that will reward the reader.”

Frank Dullaghan, Seam.

unconcerned but not indifferent - the life of Man Ray

Ninth Arrondissement Press, 2006, ISBN 978-0-9553521-1-9, 32 pages, stapled. £5

“…part homage to the man, part thumbnail history of Dada, part study of a life as a work of art, and the rest is a chronicle of self-obsession. A neat trick to pull in the space of 23 poems. ” Paul Lee, Sphinx

” a subtle, reverent and perceptive appreciation of Man Ray, his work and those he loved, a beguiling reflection of this great Surrealist’s life and those inseparably linked to him.” Antony Penrose – Director, Lee Miller Archives


Postcards to Olympus

Poetry Monthly Press, 2004, ISBN 1-905126-05-0, cardcover 28 pages. £4

“…elegant, spare poems that suggest all-too-human origins for familiar myths and comment gracefully, and with humour, on human fallibility… Adams’ precisely organised free-verse poems offer expansive conversations with the contemporary. The idea of metamorphosis is central to these poems, and transformations are accomplished with an economy of language that focuses image as cleanly and crisply as a camera lens, allowing the present to float easily on the past.” Tia Ballantine, Sphinx.

“This is a work of power, originality and individuality…”  Patricia Prime, New Hope International Review On-line.





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  1. 2 bhdandme October 9, 2016 at 4:11 pm

    I enjoyed reading your poem Dark Matter …. next to mine on the Acumen Guest page. I think they sit well together (and hope you do too!). Best wishes…MS

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